Team Up For Peace

Team Up for Peace


On the Day of the US Eclipse: 8/21/17 

WAS A HUGE Success!!

Thanks if you were part of it.

Click Here To Learn All About It 

There is something you can do about the problems.. all over the globe..
without changing your life or draining your pocketbook.

Join thousands WorldWide who take 2-5 minutes daily to

Meditate, Vision, or Pray for Peace and Well-Being for All.

Many research studies document BIG RESULTS from meditation or prayer.

In One, 7000 people meditated daily for 3 weeks.
During those 3 weeks, police calls and emergency room visits went down in major cities by 72%!
When the project ended, the statistics went back up to their usual levels.

Read About it Here:

Here is how you can be part of our team effort:

Take 2 minutes to Meditate, Focus, or Pray for
Postitive Solutions and WELL BEING for ALL Across the Globe

  • at 3:00 PM Eastern Daily,
    or the equivalent time in your time zone.

  • Or at 3:00 PM in your time zone.
  • Or meditate, Focus, or Pray for Peace
    whenever you can in the day
    and intend that it be combined
    with all the other prayers at 3:00 PM Eastern.
    (Even physicists are beginning to see that time is just a human construct)

Suggestions for your Focus:

  • We suggest a focus on the WellBeing Of Everyone Involved
    For the Highest Good of All Concerned

    ... That will, of course, include you, since you are concerned.

  • Please share this invitation with
    your friends and loved ones.

  • Take a second to tune into
    the Peace Team Prayer/Meditation
    any time you learn of news that upsets you...
    It can counteract your upset
    and adds to the momentum of our Team for Peace Action.

Thanks for joining us.

Together.. WorldWide.... we truly can make a difference.

Here's another meditation to join 

It happens daily in 30-40 day "runs",

......but you can join us in doing it every day, if you want. .

You can follow the steps above and/or follow the instructions on the webpage.


NOTE: We take a bit of time each day to vision/pray/meditate for WELL Being for ALL

And intend that our efforts combine with all those here.. and the ones we don't know about yet. 


 Meditate with Others On Each Full Moon

(and 12 hr before and after)

A WorldWide Meditation Each Sunday  

(Be Sure to Intend for the Highest Good/Best For ALL as you do it)

Here is a Meditation Request from the King of Hawaii 

He asks folks to take a few minutes at 11:00 AM daily.

Requesting Peace and WELL Being for Hawaii.. Guam.. Pacific Islands... 

And ALL the EARTH. 

PS: If you know of World Wide Peace Meditations/Intentions/Gatherings we can add here,

Please email us at: with Peace Meditation Suggestion in the subject line.

Thanks ;-)

Here are more scientific studies about
the positive effects of prayer and meditation:

An NPR Article:
A Bibliography: 
 Scoll down and Click on: >> "Is There Scientific Research on the TM Technique"